Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Year Behind: Moving Forward Without Looking Back

"I'm the little one today. 
Tomorrow you could be. 
As long as we talk before passing the umbrella,
we'll always have it." 

The hard thing about moving forward is not looking back - and not looking back has been a major battle of mine for the past month.

My last post, in which I detailed my embarrassing snooping moment, I edited, withheld and treaded lightly while detailing how things went down. And although I'm currently writing about leaving the past behind, I feel I can't move forward with my readers without honestly displaying what I found, how I felt and what I did during that 10-month period of gray area with Aaron.

Here's my attempt at lying naked before you all.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Snap Judgement: 9 Things I Learned About Love From the Sex and the City 2 Trailer

Don't lie; you're counting down the days until the sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie hits theaters (May 27, to be exact!)…but on a more serious note, as I've done in previous breakdowns of SATC episodes, let's explore what I've learned about love from the delicious series and its new trailer:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poke. Prod. Peek: When Insecurity Interrupts Bliss

I've learned that it's a difficult task for a reflective person to maintain bliss. There's something unnerving in finally getting what you want and what you believe you deserve. For me this blissful moment came to a head when I let doubt enter my relationship.

In the month since Aaron committed to a life with me, he'd been the epitome of what I dreamt a good partner could be: attentive, thoughtful, eager, kind, forward thinking and beautiful. Although I rejoiced in my coupled-up bliss, a nagging insecurity haunted me—and that insecurity led me to the first remarkably stupid mishap in our relationship: I poked.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My 'BIG' Birthday Moment: Life's Lovely Little Surprises

"Thank you for having the courage to believe and hang on when I was unable."
-Aaron's birthday message

A week before my birthday, my best friend Mai and I were brainstorming how we should celebrate my 27th year of life.

"This will be the perfect time for Aaron to meet everyone," she excitedly said, as I equally became giddy. But the following day, as I relayed the plans to Aaron, it didn't forebode well--as he claimed the festivities made him anxious.

"It's freaking me out a bit," he said. "We just got back together. Let's have our own coming out party a little later."